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Convention and
Event Management


As a secretariat of a medical society, we take care of the society╩╝s membership management, support the committee members, handle account management and certification of various certificates, and plan operations for seminars etc.

Main Responsibilities

  • Responding to general inquiries
  • Membership management (joining/withdrawal of memberships, editing membership information, collection of annual membership fee)
  • Account management
  • Handling general affairs matters
  • Preparing documents for operations of various meetings (committee/ general meeting)
  • Preparation for election of new board of directors/committee
  • Handling certification and accreditation of medical advisors/training centers
  • Website administration
  • Sending E-Newsletters
  • Publication of academic journals
  • Providing office space and storing office equipment, document etc.

Member Organization

JCMA Japan Convention Management Association


TCVB Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau

JATA Japan Association of Travel Agents

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