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Solutions for Multilingual & Multicultural Meetings

In todayʼs multilingual business environment, Convex is trusted as a reliable partner with the highest level of professionalism. We dispatch interpreters everywhere in Japan, and provide multilingual interpreters to accompany individuals and groups for events and meetings wherever they may be.

We guarantee confidentiality, accuracy, prompt service, and expertise in any language, helping clients make the most of international opportunities.


Language Services

  • Conferences: International conferences, seminars, symposia, conventions, academic meetings, press launches, etc.
  • Broadcasts: Dual-language broadcasts, Video editing
  • General: Accompanying service, company visits
  • Operation for Simultaneous Interpretation System

Main Languages


Types of Interpretation


The interpreter listens to the speaker's voice in a specialized booth and delivers the interpretation to the listener's earphones through special equipment. The audio can be delivered to many target audiences simultaneously.

E.g.: Conventions, conferences, symposia, seminars etc.


The speaker speaks with appropriate pauses and an interpretation is provided during each pause. It is suitable for scenes where you want to convey the content more accurately.

E.g.: Business discussions, small group meetings and interviews, press conferences, accompanying service, talk shows etc.


As with simultaneous interpretation, the interpretation is performed while listening to the speaker's remarks, but without using a microphone or earphones, it is performed with a whispering voice from the immediate vicinity such as near or behind the speaker.

E.g.: Symposia, conferences, opinion exchange meetings, business meetings, interview support etc.

Other Services

Translation, Narrations/
Transcription, Shorthand/
minute taking

Member Organization

JCMA Japan Convention Management Association


TCVB Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau

JATA Japan Association of Travel Agents

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